Writing and RPGs

Whoah I feel kind of bad that I didn’t post here in a long time. Although I almost always feel the need to write, type or post – I seldom find any topics I could write about. To satisfy my ‘writing needs’ I participate in RPGs on Animexx. I love the idea of creating a story, characters and situations with other people. It’s fascinating how characters you created fastly develop depth and almost act on their own. After a while you just know how they’d react and you would never ever write something which wouldn’t suit them. I bet it’s also quite useful when you’re writing a book and have some trouble with creating believable and ‘true’ characters. I mean true as in ‘you don’t need to think about how they would react because their reaction comes naturally to you, because you’re in character’. Does it make any sense? I hope so! Well this puts writing a novel to a whole new level. At least for me. Because I never thought about ways to write a longer story. To me it was: sitting down, writing stuff to warm up, write, write, write, sleep, edit, write again etc.

Playing in a RPG might spice some things up! But first you need a buddy to play with. This means that there are two people shaping a common story. In the end there will be two authors – unless one of the players says ‘okay this is your story. I take no claim.’.

So things could get complicated once your story is finished. Well…unless you don’t want to have a co-author I suggest to write in RPGs which have nothing to do with the story you’re about to write. BUT… use one (or more) of your planned book characters. This way you have all the fun and advantages because you shape your character, make him/her more relatable without having to share your planned story with anyone else.

Whoah. I might just try that one out. Although I’m rather a ‘poem’ person, meaning I’ve never written any novel-worthy stuff. But there always has to be a first time, right?

Happy writing :D



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