Flash Fiction

Have you read yesterday’s Daily Blog about Flash Fiction?
To be honest, until yesterday I’ve never actually heard of Flash Fiction. So if you want to know what it is, you better check it out.

The idea of writing a story that has less than 300 words or just 6 words sounds like a lot of fun to me. I like to try different forms of writing.

I tried poetry that rhymes, follows the ‘classic’ structures: AABB, ABAB. ABBA, etc.
Poems that don’t rhyme as well as Haikus. And I tried to write a sonnet. When it comes to fiction….I’ve wrote some short stories (for contest, for myself or for school) and when I was much younger I attempted wo write my first novel.

I think that different forms of writing can really help to sharpen your writing skills. I mean for each new form of writing there are new ways to go.
At least that applies to me. When I’m writing poems I think and start differently than I would when I’m writing a story.
And I’m quite sure that a novelist wouldn’t begin to write a book the same way like s/he would begin to write flash fiction.

So new forms of writing = different thinking?

Even if my little assumption is wrong…it could never hurt to broaden your horizon by trying new things. That’s why I’m off to write some short stories now.

But here is my first try writing a 6 words story:

Home alone. Glowing eyes, purring cat.

Conclusion: It’s quite difficult when you have to limit yourself to as little as six words. It really keeps you thinking about your choice of nouns, adjectives and verbs.


— Baylie



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