I love to travel.

Unfortunately I’m not travelling as much as I would like to. At least travelling to foreign countries.
I’m lucky enough to be on holiday with my family once a year somewhere in Germany, but usually the east coast. Really, soon I know all the cities there.
When I was little the whole family (grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins) went camping together in Travemünde. Later we went camping alone
in Neustadt in Holstein. It’s like our village. I would never go there without my family because this place holds so many beloved memories.
But I’ve been ot other countries as well. And often it’s the ‘culture shock’ that leaves a huge impact on me.

Three of my favourite cities in Europe (excluding Germany) are:

1. London

2. Nice

3. Monaco

Especially London will always hold a special spot in my heart. I don’t know why, but I always long for it. (It’s always a good idea to go to London!)
The last time I’ve been there was in 2012 just after I finished school and a few days before the Olympic Games began. Together with two friends I had a really good time. I think what makes London so special are the people and their lifestyles as well as the sight. It’s like you walk pass Big Ben everyday but you still marvel at it. If I was to move to England, I’d probably never want to live in London City, so that the sights will always be special to me. I haven’t visited many other cities in England, just the City of London & Westminster, South Croydon, Greenwich, Brighton and Horley. I liked them very much because each city/borough is quite unique.

In 2011 I visited Nice and some cities at the Côte d’Azur (Nice, Cannes, Antippes, St. Tropez & Monaco) with my French class. It was a picturesque vacation: palm trees, sun, beaches, French food and relaxed people. Really. I’ve never seen a more laid back volk than the French (no offense!), although I have to admit that we met a lot of Americans, Italians and Germans in Nice. We were all quite astonished because this is what we saw/experienced:

friendly chats
the cashiers took a lot of time to do their job
easy come – easy go
time is relative
shops opening at 10 or 11am and closing at 6 or 7pm

but what we were used to:

everyone minding his/her own business
the cashiers rushing and wanting to get as much work done as possible
harder, better, faster, stronger
be five minutes early than one minute late
shops opening at 7am and closing at 9 or 10pm

I like the famous culture shock because it makes me feel uncomfortable and in the end it broadens my horizon. It’s nice to know that people across the world live very differently. Some things are great (No one queues like the British or flirts like the French and Italian) and some things aren’t (punctuality anyone?).
In the end I think that Nice as well as Monaco will always be holiday destinations for me. I could never adapt to the ‘5-15 minutes late is totally acceptable’ (of course I’m exagerating. I know not everyone abroad is unpunctual and I know that not all Germans are punctual).

Do you have favourite cities? What do you like about them? What can you learn from them?


— Baylie








  1. Sounds like you’re pretty well traveled in Europe at least! I’m not much of a city person when I travel, they all start to feel the same to me….restaurants, museums, churches/temples, parks, etc. I’ll just list three of my favorite places instead if that’s okay.
    1) South Island, New Zealand. One of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. I could literally just drive around all day and look out the window. No, actually I’d make my husband drive because they drive on the left haha.
    2) West coast of Scotland/Hebrides. Found this also beautiful and peaceful; relatively few tourists when I’ve been there. For me, there was also this air of mystery that really sucked me in.
    3) Northern Ireland. Belfast, Antrim Coast, Giant’s Causeway, a few castles. Gorgeous countryside and Belfast is pretty cool, for a city :P
    4) Yosemite National Park. Touristy and crowded but absolutely stunning.

    We’ll see if anywhere in Southeast Asia makes the list while I’m down here. Happy travels to you!

    • Of course it’s okay.
      I have to admit that I saw some countries in Europe but there are a lot of other European countries I’d love to visit. But I’m grateful for what I got to see!
      Haha I know your feelings. When I sat in a car in England I alawys got mini heart attacks…it’s just so scary because I’m not used to it.

      What you saw sounds really magical. When I think about mysteries or fairy tales, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland always come to my mind. Especially Scotland. The unicorn isn’t their national animal for nothing, haha.

      I hope so! Then you could blog about it :) Happy travels to you as well!

    • Hello! Thank you very much, it means a lot to me :)
      Oh that’s a good question! Let me answer that in a post, okay?
      There are a few ideas that pop into my mind, because I had this talk with a friend some time ago.

      Thank you for leaving the link to your post, I will read and comment it asap :)

      Have a lovely day! xx


  2. I spent my honeymoon in Vienna and it is still by far my favorite place on the planet. Paris was disgusting. Now that I am living in Germany, we plan to travel–a lot. So perhaps Vienna will move down on the list–or maybe it won’t. But, I am hitting London as soon as possible. I’ve always wanted to go. In fact, there are several places in England that I must see and do. At the top of my list: Have lunch with William Shakespeare.

    • Disgusting as in dirty? That’s what I hear a lot about Paris. I’ve never been really there, just riding through it with the bus when I was on my way to La Rochelle.
      Anyway I hope that you get to go to London, I’m sure you’ll love it :)
      Which places for example? I’m very curious to hear about them!

  3. Paris was very dirty. In England I must visit the resting place of Shakespeare’s bones; the Globe Theatre; visit Cambridge and Oxford; walk along Hadrian’s Wall; visit castles, keeps, cathedrals, and churches; visit the museums and SO much more! My list is quite extensive actually.

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