Travelling alone

deanna asked: What do you think about travelling alone?

I could’ve given her a straight answer, but I prefer to answer it in a post! A while ago I talked about travelling with my friend’s boyfriend, which cities to visit in Germany and which cities we still want to visit. He told me that he’d love to go to the Baltic Sea and since I went there once a year he wanted to know which cities I loved. So I gave him a small list (Neustadt in Holstein, Kiel, Fehmarn and Travemünde) of cities where you can eat delicious fish, visit ship museums, camp, riding the bike etc.
He then told me that he’d love to do all these things but unfortunately there was nobody to come with him. His friends already have babys or don’t like camping and his girlfriend is rather busy with her art.
Why didn’t he travel alone? He feared it might be lonely.
Would he regret it later on that he didn’t travel? Absolutely.
I convinced him to travel on his own. He will be a doctor 5 years from now and he and my friend plan to marry and having a family on their own. Of course he knew that travelling then would be quite stressful and difficult. He wouldn’t be able to do the things he likes (like biking all day), because then he’d have a little child which wants his attention. And since he intends to be a good dad, he wouldn’t let my friend handle everything on her own. Yes, he really is a responsible person! So I hope he’ll take my little piece of advice and pack his bike and his tent to go to the seaside. His girlfriend, family and friends will be there when he gets back. And they surely be a little jealous that they didn’t go…or they’re happy that he did go.

So whenever you get the chance to travel: DO IT.

Really, you don’t need your family, you don’t need your friends to come with you in order to have fun! You will get to know new people, if you’re open-minded. I mean look at all the advantages! You can get up whenever you want, eat what you like and when you want to, if you don’t want to visit a single museum, it’s up to you. Or you could do nothing but visit all the museums you can find. Hopefully you get the idea.
The fact is: Life goes on and so must we. And there will be times when we’re not able to travel anymore, because of our bodies, because of our responsibilities like a demanding job or a family, or even due to financial issues.
And I bet that you will all regret it in the end. All the beaches you could have seen, all the cathedrals, museums, restaurants and people you could have met.
Would you rather regret not staying at home when you had the chance to leave the continent?

I always admire those who travel on their own. I would also love to go to different countries on my own. But I often hesitate because if there’s something, I really am on my own.
Especially when it comes to big cities like London. As much as I love London, when the sun goes down, I feel anything but safe, at least when I’m alone. If there’s a friend or if we’re in a group I don’t worry much about it. Of course I could just get back to the hostel when the sun goes down, but what about taking amazing pictures in the dark? Looking at the city lights in the dark? Go into different bars or clubs (although I’m not 21 yet and  clubs aren’t my thing, I’d still like to see what foreign people at my age do and how they party)…
To me it’s a big risk I don’t want to take that easily.

Ah well. 

Perhaps I am worrying a little too much. But I surely won’t let worries get the best of me, because I’m certain that I will visit Wales on my own and I will like it.

Last but not least, I’d like to thank everybody who comments, likes, links or follows my posts/blog – I really appreciate it :)

— Baylie






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