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Two days ago I came across a German blog I haven’t forget since then. It’s called Asurocks. And while I’ve only read one article (yet), I like the writer.

She writes about interesting stuff. At least in my opinion. How many times did you feel fat compared to the super-thin models on tv, in a magazine etc?

Asurocks says “NO!” to the idea that a specific bodytype should only wear specific clothes. (For example: Skinny jeans for skinny legs, hotpants only for those with toned legs, etc.)
Generally she wears what she likes and she doesn’t listen to those who tell her to hide her body beneath a pile of clothes just because she isn’t a size 0.
I think more people should follow her example, don’t you? This also applies for those who are rather skinny. Don’t let anybody talk you into wearing clothes you actually don’t like.
If you want to wear a shirt that makes you look even thinner – do it!
Because in the end nobody has a right to judge you just because they don’t like your clothes. Your body, your clothes, your choice!

Here are two other links to similar blogs (written in English) I enjoyed:


What do you think about body-type-related-dressing-rules? Do you always wear what you want to wear?
Or do you sometimes wear clothes you think are socially acceptable?


— Baylie





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