Back again – finally!

Hello guys!

The past weeks I was very busy with finishing projects for university. Now the semester is finally over and I can enjoy my summer holidays! Which means I will write more and more frequently – I hope. To be honest I missed writing a lot. The whole time I was exhausted and I felt uncreative and empty inside. Although there was just a lot of stuff I needed to let out via writing. To get into writing after a long hiatus, I started a ’30 days of writing’ challenge, which is more like writing a diary. My writing needs a lot of improving and in order to improve I have to train it. So I start by writing daily, even if it’s just answering questions like ‘what did you do today?’. I think it doesn’t really matter what I write, as long as I write. I believe it’s a lot easier to develop if I make daily writing a habit. Probably I won’t make a post everyday for I want to write about specific things instead of just clearing my head (I have this little journal for that), but that’s okay for me. Today I’ll start with something that’s been on my mind for some time.
One of my project for university was to portrait a person without necessarily showing him/her. So we had to shoot some meaningful photographs with things that person loves. For exampe: You’re portraying your grandmother, who loves knitting and tea. In order to show her passions you would take pictures of wool, sweaters, tea pots or that nice comfy chair she always sits in.
I chose to portrait a fictional, stereotypical drama queen. Someone who brags about that pink limousine her father bought her, someone who goes hiking in high heels, spends an awful lot of money on keeping her so called status as queen bee.
Just to be clear: I don’t know someone like this and I don’t mind rich people. I just wanted to create someone most people wouldn’t like, because she’s just too shallow. That girl might as well be poor. A pink (rented) limousine just happened to park in front of my block, which gave me the idea for the whole concept.
Anyway I wondered if I could take this fictional character to a whole new level by creating a fake online identity. You know, someone doing selfies all the time, talking about fashion, nail polish and how much fun it is to be an ignorant teenager – a stereotype we all know too well. Since this idea haunted me for a long time, I think I’ll give it a shot. I might broaden my horizont and become more aware of what impact my actions have. You are all welcome to the freak show, as soon as I gathered enough material to make this happen. At the moment I’m not sure, whether I’ll create a second blog, a twitter or a tublr account. No youtube, since videos would need too much preparation and my room isn’t exact the home of some rich chick.

Ah I’m so excited!

See you soon


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