Travelling alone

deanna asked: What do you think about travelling alone?

I could’ve given her a straight answer, but I prefer to answer it in a post! A while ago I talked about travelling with my friend’s boyfriend, which cities to visit in Germany and which cities we still want to visit. He told me that he’d love to go to the Baltic Sea and since I went there once a year he wanted to know which cities I loved. So I gave him a small list (Neustadt in Holstein, Kiel, Fehmarn and Travemünde) of cities where you can eat delicious fish, visit ship museums, camp, riding the bike etc.
He then told me that he’d love to do all these things but unfortunately there was nobody to come with him. His friends already have babys or don’t like camping and his girlfriend is rather busy with her art.
Why didn’t he travel alone? He feared it might be lonely.
Would he regret it later on that he didn’t travel? Absolutely.
I convinced him to travel on his own. He will be a doctor 5 years from now and he and my friend plan to marry and having a family on their own. Of course he knew that travelling then would be quite stressful and difficult. He wouldn’t be able to do the things he likes (like biking all day), because then he’d have a little child which wants his attention. And since he intends to be a good dad, he wouldn’t let my friend handle everything on her own. Yes, he really is a responsible person! So I hope he’ll take my little piece of advice and pack his bike and his tent to go to the seaside. His girlfriend, family and friends will be there when he gets back. And they surely be a little jealous that they didn’t go…or they’re happy that he did go.

So whenever you get the chance to travel: DO IT.

Really, you don’t need your family, you don’t need your friends to come with you in order to have fun! You will get to know new people, if you’re open-minded. I mean look at all the advantages! You can get up whenever you want, eat what you like and when you want to, if you don’t want to visit a single museum, it’s up to you. Or you could do nothing but visit all the museums you can find. Hopefully you get the idea.
The fact is: Life goes on and so must we. And there will be times when we’re not able to travel anymore, because of our bodies, because of our responsibilities like a demanding job or a family, or even due to financial issues.
And I bet that you will all regret it in the end. All the beaches you could have seen, all the cathedrals, museums, restaurants and people you could have met.
Would you rather regret not staying at home when you had the chance to leave the continent?

I always admire those who travel on their own. I would also love to go to different countries on my own. But I often hesitate because if there’s something, I really am on my own.
Especially when it comes to big cities like London. As much as I love London, when the sun goes down, I feel anything but safe, at least when I’m alone. If there’s a friend or if we’re in a group I don’t worry much about it. Of course I could just get back to the hostel when the sun goes down, but what about taking amazing pictures in the dark? Looking at the city lights in the dark? Go into different bars or clubs (although I’m not 21 yet and  clubs aren’t my thing, I’d still like to see what foreign people at my age do and how they party)…
To me it’s a big risk I don’t want to take that easily.

Ah well. 

Perhaps I am worrying a little too much. But I surely won’t let worries get the best of me, because I’m certain that I will visit Wales on my own and I will like it.

Last but not least, I’d like to thank everybody who comments, likes, links or follows my posts/blog – I really appreciate it :)

— Baylie







I love to travel.

Unfortunately I’m not travelling as much as I would like to. At least travelling to foreign countries.
I’m lucky enough to be on holiday with my family once a year somewhere in Germany, but usually the east coast. Really, soon I know all the cities there.
When I was little the whole family (grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins) went camping together in Travemünde. Later we went camping alone
in Neustadt in Holstein. It’s like our village. I would never go there without my family because this place holds so many beloved memories.
But I’ve been ot other countries as well. And often it’s the ‘culture shock’ that leaves a huge impact on me.

Three of my favourite cities in Europe (excluding Germany) are:

1. London

2. Nice

3. Monaco

Especially London will always hold a special spot in my heart. I don’t know why, but I always long for it. (It’s always a good idea to go to London!)
The last time I’ve been there was in 2012 just after I finished school and a few days before the Olympic Games began. Together with two friends I had a really good time. I think what makes London so special are the people and their lifestyles as well as the sight. It’s like you walk pass Big Ben everyday but you still marvel at it. If I was to move to England, I’d probably never want to live in London City, so that the sights will always be special to me. I haven’t visited many other cities in England, just the City of London & Westminster, South Croydon, Greenwich, Brighton and Horley. I liked them very much because each city/borough is quite unique.

In 2011 I visited Nice and some cities at the Côte d’Azur (Nice, Cannes, Antippes, St. Tropez & Monaco) with my French class. It was a picturesque vacation: palm trees, sun, beaches, French food and relaxed people. Really. I’ve never seen a more laid back volk than the French (no offense!), although I have to admit that we met a lot of Americans, Italians and Germans in Nice. We were all quite astonished because this is what we saw/experienced:

friendly chats
the cashiers took a lot of time to do their job
easy come – easy go
time is relative
shops opening at 10 or 11am and closing at 6 or 7pm

but what we were used to:

everyone minding his/her own business
the cashiers rushing and wanting to get as much work done as possible
harder, better, faster, stronger
be five minutes early than one minute late
shops opening at 7am and closing at 9 or 10pm

I like the famous culture shock because it makes me feel uncomfortable and in the end it broadens my horizon. It’s nice to know that people across the world live very differently. Some things are great (No one queues like the British or flirts like the French and Italian) and some things aren’t (punctuality anyone?).
In the end I think that Nice as well as Monaco will always be holiday destinations for me. I could never adapt to the ‘5-15 minutes late is totally acceptable’ (of course I’m exagerating. I know not everyone abroad is unpunctual and I know that not all Germans are punctual).

Do you have favourite cities? What do you like about them? What can you learn from them?


— Baylie






Flash Fiction

Have you read yesterday’s Daily Blog about Flash Fiction?
To be honest, until yesterday I’ve never actually heard of Flash Fiction. So if you want to know what it is, you better check it out.

The idea of writing a story that has less than 300 words or just 6 words sounds like a lot of fun to me. I like to try different forms of writing.

I tried poetry that rhymes, follows the ‘classic’ structures: AABB, ABAB. ABBA, etc.
Poems that don’t rhyme as well as Haikus. And I tried to write a sonnet. When it comes to fiction….I’ve wrote some short stories (for contest, for myself or for school) and when I was much younger I attempted wo write my first novel.

I think that different forms of writing can really help to sharpen your writing skills. I mean for each new form of writing there are new ways to go.
At least that applies to me. When I’m writing poems I think and start differently than I would when I’m writing a story.
And I’m quite sure that a novelist wouldn’t begin to write a book the same way like s/he would begin to write flash fiction.

So new forms of writing = different thinking?

Even if my little assumption is wrong…it could never hurt to broaden your horizon by trying new things. That’s why I’m off to write some short stories now.

But here is my first try writing a 6 words story:

Home alone. Glowing eyes, purring cat.

Conclusion: It’s quite difficult when you have to limit yourself to as little as six words. It really keeps you thinking about your choice of nouns, adjectives and verbs.


— Baylie

About Identity

Hello guys!

Today I’d like to share some poetry with you. I have written earlier that I quite like poems because they got me started in writing.
The poem I’m going to post is called ‘I Am’ and it is about identity. Since I am not the stereotypical woman or stereotypical African-German, I have heard a lot of things, beginning with ‘What? You like yy? I thought you’d love xy because you’re a girl/mixed/small/etc’.
Sometimes it’s kind of annoying that people often assume things on you based on your gender, sexuality or looks. That’s what ‘I Am’ is all about. There’s so much more to people than looks or these stupid gender roles we learned about. So to everyone who got misjudged in his life – this one is for you!

I am

I am a girl, I should love dresses,

but I love trousers instead.

I am young, I should be pure.

What if I am already spoiled?

I am a Christian, so I should go to church.

I am rather praying every night.

I am a loving person, therefore I should be in love,

but I am not and I am happy.

I am a pessimist, I should make everyone depressed,

seems like I failed.

I am encouraging them instead.

I am not crying, thus I should be happy,

but I am always sad.

I am not complaining, so I should not have any problems,

what if they are just eating me up inside?

I am playing video games, so I must be a boy,

well I am certainly not.

I am writing poems, so I must be Shakespeare,

sorry, I am just myself.

As you can see, I am a human being,

so I should be like the others.

But I am not.

I am a lot of things,

but most of all I am a dreamer.

I build castles in this starry sky

so accept me as I am.

I wrote the poem for the Daniil Pashkoff Prize 2012 and while I didn’t win the first prize, it still got featured as one of the selected poems for the anthology. It makes me really happy and proud.
I also wrote a poem for this year’s Daniil Pashkoff Prize (The contest is held every 2 years), but I am not allowed to publish it anywhere until the contest is over.

If you have any questions, feedback, don’t hesitate to comment or send me a message :)

— Baylie

Why am I writing here?

I came across the Blogging 101 which has different blogging tasks for each day. Although I already wrote three posts, I’m doing it, because I like the challenge and I think it can really help me.

So which article am I talking about? -> this one

Today’s assignment: write and publish a

“who I am and why I’m here” post.

Okay here I go.

I describe myself as a creative person. I love art, drama, crafting, film making, photography and of course writing. They’re all part of who I am and I have a hard time living without them. I started writing in elementary school. You know the assignements you get, like ‘write a 50word story’ and stuff. I really liked it, but I’ve never thought of writing as a hobby. Back then it was something I’d only do in school. In grade 5 we had to write poems and that was when I discovered that I really enjoy writing. The first poem I ever wrote was about a horse race and I didn’t describe what happened, I described what the horse race sounded like. My second ever poem was about a bird in the evening and the romantic feeling of sunset. I’m very fond of it, because I was just 11 or 12 when I wrote it. And it has been published in the ‘Frankfurter Bibliothek’ a huge book full of poems from German writers.
Then I wrote poems for a few years, always juggling between three languages: German, English and French. Although German is my mother tongue I’ve settled with English – at least when I’m writing (or blogging). You may wonder why, right? To me it’s the sensation to write about your thoughts, ideas and feeling in a language, where you don’t know every word. This way I think more about how I want to write, which words to choose. I like it. Often I even have words or sentence structures in my head, and I don’t know what they mean, but I know exactly how to use them. It’s a little scary sometimes.

Back to what I was trying to say. Now I try to keep a blog in order to get some routine in writing. I couldn’t write a poem every night, or well I could – but then it wouldn’t be fun if it’s under pressure or forced. I write poems when I am inspired or when I just want to write one. A blog could be more liberate. I can write about anything, whatever pops into my mind. Sometimes I just like to blurt about things I see or things I think about. I am convinced that every idea is worth sharing! It’s the reason why I have this public blog instead of a private journal or a diary. Often I read what other people do and it inspires me to do the same or something entirely different. Any idea you keep in your head just for yourself is a wasted idea. But if you write, sing or draw about it, it’s out in the open. It can bloom and become something you’ve never thought it could ever become. I always admire people who create awesome stuff – who write well, draw mindblowing pictures, shoot magnificent photos or films and then I look at myself – still at the beginning. Truth is, I am just at the start, I am a toddler who just took her first steps and now tries to walk like the adults do. But I will never learn to walk if I always sit still. So I am doing something – anything. It doesn’t really matter as long as I do it. So I am writing, a public blog. Out there in the open. I am inviting you to watch me fall and rise again. And hopefully you will, too. For one day we all have to learn how to walk.

Why should you stick with me? Well I can’t say, it’s a decision you have to make. I will post interesting things, I will post things you already know and I surely post things you don’t like or you don’t understand. But that’s okay! The human mind isn’t perfect. We don’t have solely perfect thoughts. As long as the world isn’t fully and truly flawless, my blog won’t be either. But if you’re interested and open-minded then this wouldn’t bother you at all. We find perfection in imperfection.

Last but not least: Where do I see myself and this blog in one year?
Well, I hope that this blog is full of things that moved me. I hope I have a layout that fully satisfy me and I hope to meet people who inspire me and who I can inspire in return. Oh and I hope to be a better writer then. And maybe, but just maybe, I’ll know what I’m actually doing here.

I think that’s all I want to stay.

So stick with me and watch me learning or read another blog – you can do whatever you like :)


— Baylie




I bet you all know this feeling:

Did they just laugh at me?

Was this guy over there muttering anything mean under his breath?

That old couple over there totally think that my skirt is too short.

Do I look like a jellyfish in this thing?

You get the idea.

I – as a self-proclaimed strong personality – always tried to hide my insecurities.
By acting like I didn’t care or like I did things on purpose or hiding behind clothes.
Right – the lovely clothes.

Until today I didn’t like to show my legs, because of big scars and bruises (I am also a very clumsy person bumping into everything and anything) and many other ridiculous reasons.
Perhaps it was my subconscious, infected with unhealthy body images, that held me back all these years. So basically the lower part of my body practically never saw the bright, lovely sunlight – except for swimming. Anyway. So today I was wearing thighs along with boots and a dress. But unfortunately the tights were about 5cm too short
(I was too lazy to look for another pair – ahem) and after a few 100m they slipped little by little. Of course there was nowhere where I could hide and fix my little problem.
So what did I do? Right. Walking rather stiffly in order to prevent them from slipping any further. A clothing store was my rescue. Because I didn’t know any way out of this,
I just stuffed my tights in my messenger bag and went without them –
bare legs for the first time in forever! And damn it felt SO good!

Why did I tell you all this? Because some insecurities are simply rubbish!
Why restraining yourself just because others may not like it?

It’s your life, your body, your choice.

Haters gonna hate anyway no matter what you do. It’s impossible to please everybody so you might as well stop trying. Try to please yourself instead. I was very happy when I was back home and I wondered why it took me so long to realize that really nobody cares about my scars or bruises. And to be honest: I guess you couldn’t see them anyway because of my combat boots. But even if you could – I’m not a (photoshopped) model and I never wanted to be one – and I probably never will. But that’s is alright with me – having flaws is much more fun and interesting than being flawless – right?

Have fun embracing your flaws – I’m off being all awkward and clumsy ;)