Communication design & projects

Hello there!

I’ve mentioned in earlier posts that I am a communication design student. This time I want to take some time to explain what a communication designer is and what I really do, whenever when I’m talking about ‘stuff for university’. Most people think it’s the same as graphic design, but graphic design really is just a part of communication design. At my university, communication design includes:

  •  graphic design (like ads, posters, charts,)
  • typography
  • editorial design (like newspapers, magazines, books)
  • illustration
  • photography
  • packaging design
  • animation
  • audio/ video (films, ads)
  • webdesign

and there are surely a lot of other fields I left out. But these are the basic things you learn about in the first and second semester. I am now in the second semester and I couldn’t be happier. I love my course and I like the professors as well as the people. Everyday I learn so much and communication design has a huge influence. I don’t look at ads the same way I did before. I notice bad designs and sometimes I think about how to make it better. But I still make a lot of mistakes, which is totally fine. You learn from mistakes.

So what do I do at the moment?

I work at multiple projects right now, for every course has it’s own project. Some courses only last 5 weeks and then a new course starts, so sometimes work has to be finished really fast.

My current 5-week-project is to make a fashion website about ‘fandom’ t-shirts and stories. I have a lot of Doctor Who related t-shirts and I often meet new people who talk to me because of my Doctor Who shirts. So over the past 8months I have some stories to tell. And these short stories will be featured at my fashion website. Next week we all have to present what we’ve done. I’m not finished yet, but I’m confident that I will be finished by Monday.

I’m also creating a graphic novel about Helena Curtens, one of the last alleged witches burned in North-Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. The novel is due to July and I’m very excited although there is a lot of work ahead of me! I also plan to share some concepts and pages with you guys, so keep your eyes open ;)

Another project is a magazine design. We got some articles which should be featured in a magazine and newspaper. So I have to choose a good font, a layout and I also have to make some appealing charts. It sure is a lot of work and will cost me some nerves, haha.

For photography class we have to do

  1. portraits with hard light, soft light, soft light + hard light
  2. a night shot
  3. a picture where shadows are an essential part of the photograph
  4. fashion photography

I’ve already done the portraits which was a lot of fun and I’m quite satisfied with the results.

Then there’s a video project we have to do. We still don’t know what we want to do and slowly I’m getting really nervous, because shooting a (short) film takes quite some time. You need to get the people, locations, props and then the actual shooting which could take a few day as well as days to edit the whole thing.

Last but not least, we have to design a package that contains a specific need. I for example chose health. So when you look at my package you should think that it has something to do with health and being healthy. It is quite challenging, because how would you package health?



Now it’s time to show some things! These are results from my third 5-week-project course of my first semester. We had do design three novels (cover + few pages) and a book featuring some pictures.

I chose to re-design Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451. I also added 2 fictional books in order to form a trilogy.

The other book is about one of my favourite films: We’ll take Manhattan. The film (and my fictional book) is about the relationship of famous photographer David Bailey and supermodel Jean Shrimpton in the 60s, where both changed the history of fashion photography with their NY photographs.

Fahrenheit 451

Cover_Bildband01   Cover_Bildband02   Bildbandseiten04

(sorry for the bad pictures, I quickly took them with my mobile phone)


So that’s it from now! Have a nice day!

— Baylie