A safe story

A picture is worth 1000 words. This safe has been through a lot. Tell its story.

Image credit: “safe” – © 2007 Paul Keller – made available under Attribution 2.0 Generic


Hello. My name is Rusty. Well that’s not my actual name. I don’t have a real name apart from my model number, but I don’t want you to bore with that.
Anyway what you want to hear is my story, right? Okay, then listen closely, boys and girls, because I am about to share it with you.

It’s been an ordinary day at home. My home is, in fact a place humans would describe as ‘work’ but I am not human. To me, home is, where I am. And I am at the local bank in a tiny street in Nice, France. Usually all I do is sitting around all day, sleeping, until some female or male human pokes me so I open up. They store different things inside my belly. But most of the time it’s coloured paper and paper tubes filled with little metal plates. It can get quite heavy from time to time, but I am a strong guy. It takes a lot more than shredded trees and metal things to break me. The humans know that, too, but still they make sure they’re not storing too much. Maybe they think it’s not clever to do so. Well, if I could talk, I could reassure them that I am, what I am, (a) safe. So while I’ve been sleeping, the males and females did their boring work and the time passed by. In my dreams I visited all the places I hear the humans talk about. Sometimes they put pretty pictures up the wall, so when I get to see these, I dream of them as well. Most of my dreams are beautiful, I seldom have nightmares. After all what should I be afraid of? I am tall and solid.

Or at least I thought that. When the night crept upon the building like a dark shadow, the sounds became less and less until there was almost no sound at all. This is my second favourite part of the day, when everything is quiet and dark and different. I enjoy the music of the night, the soft hums of electronic devices on standby, buzzing insects flying towards the neon lights outside…it was magnificent. Humans usually don’t appreciate it. They’re busy with being busy and don’t stop to truly relax. It’s quite sad, when you think about it. However I shouldn’t remain alone. Muffled voices and steps approached me. There was no light. It wasn’t morning, no birds were singing, which means that something was wrong. Humans never visit my home during the night. And they surely don’t try to open me during the night!

But I was helpless. They kicked me, beat me, tried to crack my defense mechanism and eventually they started shouting. Although I was scared, it also angered me. All I wanted to do was to sleep and enjoy the silence. And now those stinky humans are abusing me. I wish I’d have a mouth and arms, so I could fight them back. But I don’t and my only trump card was my weight. They won’t be able to lift me. But humans are clever. They think. They produce ideas. They find ways.

Then suddenly I felt something cold. There were beeping noises –

The bang was deafening and left me unconscious. It was dark, so dark. I didn’t know where I was. I couldn’t see a thing. My stomach was empty and open for the world to see. The world could see my vulnerable insides and the humans chose to steal what I was sworn to protect… I failed.


My name is Rusty and I was (a) safe and this is my story.